Babysitter from hell

Posted On December 23, 2009

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Cloudy by the Christmas tree

Today the plan was for me to go off to work, leaving Miss W to play on the computer and fix herself frozen pizza, while someone from TTR cared for Number 2. I’d been assured that someone competent and more than capable of dealing with Number 2’s OCD and quirky habits would arrive. Well she did arrive – late. And complaining that the house smelled of cats. And that she could not stay until 6.30, as agreed, because she has 3 kids. I said I would call TTR to see what could be done, she also got on her phone to complain about cats and informed me that she has a severe allergy to cats. She was walking around the house, peering everywhere with a look of distaste on her face.

I called TTR to report all this and was told about her severe allergy to cats, which I was so tired of hearing about at this point that I said I didn’t care. Was assured they would send someone before she had to leave so Number 2 would not be left alone, and feeling very uneasy I said goodbye and left. Babysitter from hell called me at work at 11 to inform me her arms were breaking out in hives and she was taking Will to the TTR office. She added that she did not feel ‘comfortable’ about leaving Miss W alone and wanted to take her home with her! “No charge,” she said. “This is out of the kindness of my heart.”

I very nearly told her where she could stuff her kindness but that would not have been in keeping with the Christmas spirit so I just said she was very nice, but that would not be necessary. I then called TTR and told them I never wanted her to darken my doors again. It was so nice to see David here with Number 2 when I got home, but now I am uneasy about leaving Number 2 tomorrow. TTR have come up with a plan but snow is forecast and if the weather is bad I am going to just stay home.

Something I have been struggling with is my monthly bills from Qwest – I’ve been trying to get Mr W’s cell phone charges off my bill, not as easy as you might think, as he needs to call and cancel himself. I almost had heart failure today when I opened the bill, as instead of hovering over $200 as usual it was over $300! This is thanks to new Verizon charges, I am paying roughly 45 cents for every minute that Mr W uses his cell phone. Just after David left the phone rang and who should it be but Verizon, asking me if I was happy with their service. “No I bloody well am not!” I said, and started to say why – was switched to customer service. I absolutely do not usually swear on the phone, but was so frustrated.

Well – to cut long story short as my name is on the bill I am liable for all charges, yet I cannot simply drop the wireless charges myself. They droned on for a bit about switching me to a more economical plan, but I think that after Christmas I will have to switch to Comcast for my phone/internet service and TV. Mr W’s charges this month were $117.92, it was bad enough paying $40. 

Nice things today though . . . got my evaluation at work and had the chance to say goodbye to my boss and thank her for letting me go back to work at the library. Obviously I wish I didn’t have to leave, but what a nice 2 1/2 years it has been, being around old friends and making new ones. Came home tonight to find a parcel from Mum and the little $4.00 necklace I ordered myself from Etsy a few weeks ago. It is made out of a scrabble tile and has my name on it, it is quite unique and pretty.

Supper is on – teriyaki salmon and baked spuds for me and Miss W, and she has some classical music on the radio, so I am just going to unwind and read my book . . .


A wolf picture I drew :)

Posted On December 22, 2009

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My newest wolf picture 😀

PS: Buy Mars candy and I will strangle you. Animal Testing=Pointless. Cruel.

PSS. = Stop wolf hunting!!

EDIT: I drew a cat too!

Pickle da kitty :)

I poured mah heart into this 😀

DOUBLE EDIT: Another wolf!!

cute lil wolf :)

I drew this 😀

What Happened???

Posted On December 22, 2009

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I was so sleepy last night I went to bed at around 8, I couldn’t even stay up to watch the end of Survivor, Miss W promised to switch off all lights. I fell straight off to sleep but was awoken at 3 by the sound of Number 2 plodding around in his room.

Was I really calling him angelic a short while ago? Scratch that, he’s been really difficult this weekend, he is bound and determined to be completely naked at all times. Chasing him down and getting him dressed again over and over is exhausting. He continued plodding around for 50 minutes and then started crying so I got up at 3.50 and let him out of his room and made myself some tea, not saying much because I was so tired and thinking it’s been so long since he’s given me a bad night, please don’t let this be a regular thing again. After about 30 minutes, he dashed into my bedroom, dragging his quilt, and rolled himself up in my rug. I crawled into bed and finished my tea and then realized – he had fallen back asleep! So I had another few hours sleep too, it was wonderful. When he woke up I asked him for a kiss but he smiled and got into bed beside me! Beds are definitely not Number 2’s thing and he just lay there grinning while I snuggled him, but this was the last cute thing he did today.

Pants ON!!!

It has just been a never ending process of putting his pants back on, then having them pulled off again almost before my back is turned, I’ve confined him to his room, done everything I can think of . . . nothing has worked. It’s like his meds aren’t working anymore. What has happened to the calm boy of last week who let me watch a movie???

Saw my TC nurse this morning and she brought piles of gifts, then Miss W’s counsellor came over with yet more piles of gifts!! The pile under the tree is really growing. I remembered to take the turkey out of the freezer and then went off to Bennett as I’ve been using up lots of eggs and cheese, needless to say Number 2 was difficult in King Soopers. It is just so disappointing when he gets like this but has been through a period of being really calm and reasonable. . His behavioural therapist came over this afternoon so at least I was able to talk about it, she just said that even if putting him in his room didn’t seem to be working right now, keep doing it as consistency is important. I’ve got work tomorrow and am a bit concerned about leaving him all day with someone from TTR, I called them and let them know what was going on.

I did manage to wrap some gifts up today and all the families (or maybe just the ones headed by single parents) in this community were given a food basket. Maybe I could do the ham on New year’s Day.

Mignon, are you reading this? Your second parcel arrived today – I’ve been reading the Hello! magazine. Tried to call you yesterday but your phone was busy.

Mars Candy=MURDER

Posted On December 21, 2009

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Miss W here with…THE HORRIBLE TRUTH. If you laugh at any of this, you ARE THE DEVIL. Why does this candy maker company MURDER, you ask? Because they are doing heartless lab experiments on innocent animals… 😦 They do a countless number of evil things to animals. Oh, and by the way: THEY’RE 100% POINTLESS. D:<

So if you have a true soul, then you must JOIN THE BOYCOTT!! You heard me. We must boycott the HELL-RISEN company until they say “UNCLE” and stop for the sake of their pathetic candies. So, please do not buy the following candy:




Milky Way


Three Musketeers





Ethel M




I even wrote a letter to Mars. It was angry. I put an insult wherever it fit. I copied it, but it won’t paste. 😦

Now, the following video (created by PETA) is EXTREMELY disturbing. So don’t watch it if you can’t handle watching distressed, miserable, dying animals. 😦

I am pretty sure that after I’ve watched this, I will have nightmares for 5 years.

Stop the cruel experimenting. Please.

Christmas Shopping

Posted On December 19, 2009

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The other Mrs W and Mike came over last night with just a huge amount of gifts for me and the children, I didn’t know what to say as they piled them all under the tree, people are so nice. All I got them was a gift card for the Olive Garden, but they seemed really happy with this, insisting it was one of their favorite places to eat. I also got an Olive Garden card for Marj and Dale. Dale is the courageous man who helped me drive when I really didn’t even understand what the pedals did. He was so patient and nice. I know they are a frugal pair so hope they will like a night out.

presents under the tree!

I’d planned to make mince pies this morning but realized I didn’t have any butter so made these cookies instead. It’s funny – I always liked these cookies in the past, but they tasted really mediocre today, even Number 2 seemed to think so. I wonder if I could’ve left something out. After Mr L (my favourite person from TTR) arrived I whizzed off to do the remainder of my Christmas food shopping, I’d done a partial last week getting in the sprouts, gravy, big foil pan. Co worker Brenda gave me a turkey. Today I got a chocolate creme pie, a lemon cake, sprite, cranberry sauce and bacon (to add to the stuffing with onions). When I got back, Miss W had arrived home from her sleepover and was over the moon with excitement and I had a chat with Susan. We talked about Morocco, she is going in the spring, I told her I was there as a teen, we talked about Greece and Spain. “You’ll get back again someday,” she said. I hope so. Foreign travel seems like a distant dream these days. Then we talked about the trip to the Denver Dumb Friends League – Susan is on the board of directors and introduced Miss W to the director (who was very taken with Miss W) yesterday, apparently not everyone is allowed into the kitten room. There was a picture of Miss W looking absolutely blissful on Susan’s phone. And next year, Miss W should have the job of her dreams – a volunteer position at Denver Dumb Friends League, with the youth program. She is so thrilled!

After she’d left, I opened the card Susan had left for me. It contained $125 in Target gift cards! I will have some $$ to spend next month when Lara visits. How incredibly generous and lovely of her.

So that was it for today, although also had long chat with Mum and heard about the crippling weather conditions in England at the moment – 4 inches of snow. The entire country has ground to a halt and Mum is afraid to venture out for fear of breaking her wrist again

What happens when you don't leave enough space between cookies

Number 2 was difficult today – whiny and kept taking off his clothes, so am keeping my fingers crossed that he gets back into nice mode this week.

getting ready to go out


Posted On December 19, 2009

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(Miss W speakin’)

The most impossible, surreal thing happened to me yesterday. I was at the Denver Dumb Friends League with Susan and Danica, and one of Susan’s friends, who is actually, like, the director of DDFL (the HEAD HONCHO) came up and… (surreal and impossible part) …


It was amazing. It was like 1 minute and 30 seconds of HEAVEN. A very cute black kitten climbed up my shirt, probably trying to get on my shoulder, and this cute little gray kitten tried climbing up my back! It was the most awesome kitten fest EVAR (spelled with an A on purpose, so don’t nag) 

:0 😀 😀 😀

I seriously want to go into that kitten room again 😀

Happy Birthday, John!!!

Posted On December 17, 2009

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me and my baby brother

Mrs Scrooge

Posted On December 15, 2009

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There were a couple of catastrophes today – Miss W has mispaced her specs and I got a phone call from Number 1’s math teacher because his behavior was so awful today. I gave Miss W’s room a thorough clean and search, but no glasses so I’m afraid she’s going to have to get a new pair, groan. That will mean a trek all the way up to Colorado Blvd. I won’t go into detail over Number 1’s transgressions because he reads this, suffice to say I was cringing and apologizing to the math teacher on the phone today. It may be partly my fault as I didn’t remind him to take his meds this morning, even so I was very cross when he returned home this afternoon. Number 2 has been angelic. Well, I say angelic, see that red mark between his eyebrows? It was a small, barely noticable scratch a few weeks ago but he keeps gouging at it and getting cross with me for trying to stop him. But apart from this, he has been angelic.

I settled in bed tonight for a read of Mrs Scrooge by Carol Ann Duffy, who is the poet laureate in the UK. Read this, it is a funny and clever take on A Christmas Carol, I suppose not everyone would warm to Mrs Scrooge’s sensibilities, she is against animal cruelty and the glittery consumerism of Christmas, but without being a pain in the backside.I just wish they’d used the Posy Simmonds illustrations I saw in the Guardian in the book, which were much cosier and warmer than the ones used.

I can’t believe it’s so near Christmas, suppose I should get the turkey on my next trip to King Soopers.

Sock Kitty

Posted On December 14, 2009

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I could hear the wind howling all day long today, and a cold breeze was coming straight in through the door, I tried to repair it with packing tape. We all managed to stay warm inside though. We listened to Christmas carols, which I’ve hardly done at all this year so far. The wind howled away outside – our poor snowman kept blowing right over.

snowman on the porch

I wrapped gifts, and then the other Mrs W called to offer some support because I am off on Wednesday to take the 2nd step in getting a divorce since I filed, I have been really nervous about this. Stupidly I suppose I have been imagining myself pathetically trying to justify why I want a divorce while strangers critically look over all the forms, but have been assured it is nothing like this at all. Am still dreading it, but did feel better after chatting  with Mrs W, and then Lara called and I had to say goodbye to serve up lunch . . . roast chicken, baked potatoes with cheddar and feta cheese, green beans – it was delicious. Felt so stuffed afterward that instead of making cookies (when will I get round to my big fat cookies this year?) me and Miss W worked on a sock kitty using an old sock of Number 2’s. It turned out fairly well, I suppose considering neither of us are at all crafty types like her big sister, but we didn’t have black thread for the whiskers.

sock kitty

Still, it was quite a fun and quick project for a cold afternoon . . . I want some men’s socks now to make a large dog, think I will also try my hand at a sock elephant for Number 1.

Then it seemed the day was over . . . Number 1 back from his dad’s place, Number 2 in snooze mode, Miss W in her bedroom reading with Cloudy. It is dark outside, I am nice and cosy, divorce and unemployment fears at rest for the moment.

Miss W's reading buddy

No, I’m not bitter

Posted On December 10, 2009

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Number 1 almost missed his bus this morning and I yelled at him to get going – he did, minus his jacket. Taking a bit of a gamble, I asked Miss W to keep an eye on Number 2 and dashed through the snow over to the bus stop, the cold took my breath away. I had on my wool jacket, but it isn’t heavy. Number 1 was sort of hunched up by a wall with some other boys and he looked utterly humiliated when he saw his mother rushing over with a jacket, but grabbed it off me. I asked him (quietly) if I could kiss him goodbye, he said “no, mum, not right now’.

I felt like I wouldn’t survive the dash back to the house – it was 11 degrees below zero, and after everyone had left I’d have given anything almost to just make a big cup of tea and curl up with my book, but had to get the snow off the car and go, aware that soon I will be staying home as I’ll have no choice.  Work has become a pain for me. Every day is just a reminder that I am losing my job. Today I deleted a bunch of books on tape out of the system and then we put them out for sale – $1 each. Roll up, roll up, your local library is for sale, folks. Now you can stay home and watch Fox News and American Idol while your brains turn to mush.

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